Biophotonics Laboratory

mouseMission:  The development of new approaches combining visualization, diagnostics, and therapy using the synergy of last achievements of photonics and material science for biomedical applications. Discovering new principles and methods for R&D of tools/devices for diagnostics, imaging and treatment in personal, prevention and translation medicine.
–  visualization of pathology tissue and interface of normal/ pathological tissues diagnostics using methods and tools of modern photonics;
– R&D devices combined photonic based sensors for detection of biologically important markers and drug delivery targeted systems with remote controlled by acoustic and electromagnetic fields;
– R&D of new photonic method, tools and devices diagnostics of pathology state and transient processes from normal state to pathology and its correction on cell and tissue.

Leader / team:

  1. Dmitry Gorin, Professor
  2. Arkady Shipulin, Associate Professor
  3. Alexey Yashchenok, Leading Research Scientist
  4. Sergey German, Research Scientist
  5. Marina Novoselova, Research Scientist