MSс Projects

Suggested MSс Projects

MSc students are proposed to participate in perspective research projects as soon as they begin their studies. The key points of these projects are aimed at numerical research and experimental confirmation of joint passive and active devices of Integrated Photonics Technologies for highly promising applications, including optical communication, optical sensors, optical computing and microwave photonics.

If you are interested to complete MSc Projects on the mentioned below topics – please, contact Prof. Arkady Shipulin ( or Mr. Sergey Kontorov (

Autodyne Detection with VCSEL
Direct Modulation Bandwidth Enhancement with VCSEL
Double Wavelength VCSEL Generation and Phase Locking
Game of Life with VCSEL

Nanolaser/spaser modelling
Metasurface for vortices DEMUX
Narrow Linewidth VCSEL
Vortices on chip
Optical Computing with VCSEL
Optical Memory with VCSEL
Orthogonal Information Channel DEMUX with VCSEL
On-chip interrogator for Structural Health Monitoring
Polarization Locking & Switching with VCSEL
Polarization switching by direct modulation in VCSEL
QKD Nonlinear Impairments
VCSEL 3D Design
MEMS tunable VCSEL for OCT, non-coherent OC, MWP and sensing
Integration of VCSEL onto Photonic Integrated Circuit
Optical MEMS tunable BandPass Filter
VCSEL & MRR based OptoElectronic Oscillator
VCSEL & IL/CL OptoElectronic Oscillator