Industry projects

Project State Funding (Program 1.4)  “Development of elements and materials of photoelectronics based on low- dimension quantum systems”;  3 years (2014 – 2016)

Objective of the project 

Development of new materials – multifunctional graphene-based structures with a wide spectral range performance. This work includes development of new material composition and various physical and chemical experimental investigations of operational characteristics of the materials.

 Consortium partners:  

Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) – main Contractor

Novosibirsk State University,

CS&R Cyclon – industrial partner

Project expected Deliverables

Materials for photoelectronics:

Low-dimentional and hybrid graphen-based structures on various wafers (6 samples)

Photoelectronic devices:

Photo-detectors in infrared spectral range (microbolometers) and non-linear absorbers.

The project is implemented in 5 stages.

Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV Stage V
Development of CVD graphene synthesis technology Fabrication and Characterization of CVD graphene; Creating quality control booth for photonics materials; Numerical simulation of photodetectors Fabrication of hybrid structures based on graphene nanotubes; Testing of  functional and performance characteristics of the hybrid structures and CVD graphene Manufacture of experimental prototypes of photonics devices: microbolometer, modulator, non-linear absorber. Testing of electronics devices for compliance with the TOR.
Current Project status
Achievements up tp date:
Project Key Performance Indicators
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