TFL Projects

Transportable optical Yb ion frequency standard

The ult1-38rastable 171Yb+ clock is a stand-alone, autonomous and automatic device with short-time relative instability and 5 long-time relative instability. It fits in less than 1 m3 volume and weighs less than 300 kg.

Developing and producing of the compact optical clock for space application is full of difficulties. Besides science component this problem requires developing of photonic technologies (lasers, fiber-optic components, electro-optic components, etc.).

Present status of this work shows that functionality of some components (power supply, central computer, laser supply, etc.) of the current transportable optical standard is redundant and it is possible to significantly reduce weight and dimensions of the whole system by developing and using new components with specific functions. Changeover to the fiber optics and getting rid from one of the cavities would also help in a weight and size reducing. For more information press here.

Compact planar ion trap on a chip developmentf

A major area of current project is devoted to developing experimentally controllable systems that can be used for quantum computation, quantum communication and quantum simulation and frequency standards.fg

Design and build a setup for trapping ions containing a surface/chip-scale trap. Such system helps to minimize dimensions of systems which use ion trapping such as: scalable quantum computer with trapped ions, quantum communication and allow creating ultraportable atomic clocks for space applications.

In a surface ion trap all DC and RF electrodes are aligned in one plane. The trapping position is located above the. The fabrication of surface traps is typically simpler and faster in comparison to multi-layer traps. Also surface traps provide great optical access to the stored ions.




Other TFL Projects:

  • Automatic stabilization of the laser parameters system development.
  • Software of the automatic system development.
  • Custom laser controllers and power supply development.
  • Compact vacuum chamber development.
  • Custom compact laser radiation to the ion delivery system with integral photonics components.