Time and Frequency Research Group (TFRG)

Time and frequency researches are highly important for a lot of different areas. Frequency standards are implemented in space, air, water and terrestrial transport systems, agriculture, fossils industry and fundamental science. With more than 50 years of development, clocks based on a radio frequency oscillators referenced to atomic transitions now define the System International (SI) second and play central roles in network synchronization, global positioning systems, and tests of fundamental physics.12

Great changes in ultrastable references development for the last decade made quantum optical technologies very important and promising for the next decade in ground-based and space-borne applications. Nowadays inaccuracy and instability of optical clocks exceed Cs fountains values and they are continue developing in compactivity, reliability and other properties. TFL conducts researches related to the time, frequency and optics. Nowadays there are projects devoted to development an optical Yb ion frequency standard for space-borne and air-borne applications. There are a lot of problems devoted to miniaturization, stabilization and automatization of the whole system in this area.