Prof. Arkady Shipulin

If you are interested to complete MSc Projects on the mentioned below topics – please, contact Prof. Arkady Shipulin ( or Mr. Sergey Kontorov (

Modeling and design of integrated edge-emitting lasers for all-optical signal processing
Tunable on-chip Laser Source for optical communication systems
Tunable on-chip Laser Source for sensor systems
Autodyne Detection with VCSEL
Direct Modulation Bandwidth Enhancement with VCSEL
Double Wavelength VCSEL Generation and Phase Locking
Game of Life with VCSEL

Nanolaser/spaser modelling
Metasurface for vortices DEMUX
Narrow Linewidth VCSEL
Vortices on chip
Optical Computing with VCSEL
Optical Memory with VCSEL
Orthogonal Information Channel DEMUX with VCSEL
On-chip interrogator for Structural Health Monitoring
Polarization Locking & Switching with VCSEL
Polarization switching by direct modulation in VCSEL
QKD Nonlinear Impairments
VCSEL 3D Design
MEMS tunable VCSEL for OCT, non-coherent OC, MWP and sensing
Integration of VCSEL onto Photonic Integrated Circuit
Optical MEMS tunable BandPass Filter
VCSEL & MRR based OptoElectronic Oscillator
VCSEL & IL/CL OptoElectronic Oscillator