Photonics Seminar Series: Stepan Baryshev (PhD graduate, Skoltech)

stepan-baryshevOn the 9th of November 2022, as part of the Photonics Seminar Series, we will have the pleasure to have Stepan Baryshev (Skoltech) discuss “Engineering of photon statistics with polariton condensates“. He will present his results on the photon statistical properties of the light sources. The event will be hosted in person at the New Campus and on-line on BigBlueButton.

When:  On the 9th of November 2022, Wednesday, at 17:00 MSK time
Where: New Campus room E-B4-3005 (Attention! Room has been changed!)/ BigBlueButton 

About the speaker: 

Stepan Baryshev has finished his master’s degree in Bauman Moscow State University and has recently graduated from a PhD course in physics in Skoltech. He will soon defend his PhD. Stepan specializes in the field of polaritonics and is primarily engaged in the assessment of photon statistical properties in polariton condensates.


The seminar will be about photon statistical properties of the light sources with the main focus on the photon statistics of an optically trapped polariton condensate. We implement full polarization tomography on photon correlations in a spinor exciton-polariton condensate. Our measurements reveal condensate pseudospin mean-field dynamics spanning from stochastic switching between linear polarization components, limit cycles, and stable fixed points, and their intrinsic relation to the condensate photon statistics. We optically harness the cavity birefringence, polariton interactions, and the optical orientation of an incoherent exciton reservoir to engineer photon statistics with precise control. Our results demonstrate a smooth transition from a highly coherent to a super-thermal state of the condensate polarization components.