Thesis Defenses


Student Pi Theme Presentation
Bogdan Kirillov Ekaterina Savitskaya Interpretable evaluation of Cas9-gRNA and Cpf1-gRNA specificity to on-targets and off-targets via Deep Learning
Mariia Vlasenok Konstantin Severinov Regulation of genome-wide transcription by essential factors that control promoter-proximal RNA polymerase II pausing in human cells 1-vlasenok_mariia_18june
Matvei Kolesnik Konstantin Severinov Matvei Kolesnik Konstantin Severinov Off-target degradation of cellular RNA by CRISPR-Cas13a nuclease: evidence of the involvement of RNA-targeting toxins
Alena Drobiazko Konstantin Severinov The Study of BREX System Proteins Functions 4-drobiazko-alena-18-06-2019
Karyna Karneyeva Konstantin Severinov A study of bacteriophage infection processes in the presence of Type III CRISPR-Cas mediated defense
Ivan Fedorov Ekaterina Savitskaya Detection of rare CRISPR adaptation events by suppressing PCR
Laura Chacon Machado Ekaterina Savitskaya The role of NHEJ double-strand break repair on sgRNA/Cas9 targeting in Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Polina Muziukina Ekaterina Savitskaya Evaluation of CRISPR spacers diversity in Clostridium difficile clinical isolates 8-muzyukina_18-06
Aleksandr Kirillov Konstantin Severinov The influence of copy number of restriction-modification genes on protection from viral infection
Eldar Yagmurov Svetlana Dubiley The study of putative mcc-like gene cluster from Hyalangium minutum
Stepan Ovchinnikov Svetlana Dubiley Study of type II GNAT toxin-antitoxin systems
Valeriia Mitsurova Konstantin Severinov Studying the involvement of autophagy in the response of A. thaliana to M. persicae attack
Anastasiia Stepanova Konstantin Severinov Leafy head development of Chinese cabbage 6-stepanova_anastasiia_19_june
Aleksandr Polkhovskii Konstantin Severinov Characterization of telomerase machinery components in Brassicaceae family
Sergei Bogomolov Konstantin Severinov  Antimicrobial phytochemicals from edible and medicinal plants 8-bogomolov-sergei-19_06_2019