Marina Pak and Dmitry Ivankov published a paper in Bioinformatics


Marina Pak and Dmitry Ivankov from Skoltech have published a paper “Best templates outperform homology models in predicting the impact of mutations on protein stability” in Bioinformatics journal. The study is focused on protein stability change upon mutation (ΔΔG). The scientists were aimed to unveil the perspectives of ΔΔG predictions for predicted protein structures and the accuracy of using 3D structures of the best templates for the ΔΔG prediction. They used a representative set of seven diverse and accurate publicly available tools for stability change prediction combined with AlphaFold or I-Tasser for protein 3D structure prediction. The researchers found that best templates perform consistently better than (or similar to) homology models for all ΔΔG predictors. Full text of the paper is available here.