Konstantin Lukyanov co-authored a paper in Scientific Reports


Professor Konstantin Lukyanov has co-authored a paper “Insight into redox regulation of apoptosis in cancer cells with multiparametric live-cell microscopy” in Scientific Reports journal. Then, an Author Correction to this article was published. In the study, the researchers present an investigation on the correlations between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), the redox ratio FAD/NAD(P)H, the proportions of the reduced nicotinamide cofactors NADH and NADPH, and caspase-3 activity in cancer cells at the level of individual cells. The scientists found that, irrespective of the apoptotic stimulus used, ROS accumulation correlated well with both the elevated pool of mitochondrial, enzyme-bound NADH and caspase-3 activation. A shift in the contribution of bound NADH could develop independently of the apoptosis, and this was observed in the case of cisplatin. The results of the study favor the discovery of new therapeutic strategies based on manipulation of the cellular redox balance. Full text of the paper is available here.