Konstantin Severinov gave two interviews


On October 4 professor Konstantin Severinov became a guest of the program “Razbor poleta” at Echo Moskvy radio. In the interview, he passed several comments on the Nobel Prize, the greatest problems of Russian science, the situation with COVID-19 in Russia and the reasons for the ongoing growth of incidence rate in our country. He also gave answers to the questions concerning his personal scientific path. Full video of the interview is available here.

In the same day professor Severinov also gave an interview to Baltnews portal. The main topic of the interview was COVID-19 pandemic and related questions such as the possible reasons for the growth of morbidity and the possible dangerous off-target effects of COVID-19 vaccines. Konstantin also explained why the level of vaccination is Russia is so low nowadays and why the USA and the European Union do not accept Russian vaccines. Full video of the interview is available here.