Ilya Osterman gave a lecture within the scientific school in MSU


On October 5 Skoltech researcher Ilya Osterman gave a lecture on discovering novel  antibiotics within the Interdisciplinary scientific and educational school “Molecular technologies of living systems and synthetic biology” that was organized by Lomonosov Moscow State University. Soon after a wide introduction of the first known antibiotics, penicillin and streptomycin, into medical practice, bacteria took revenge and developed multiple mechanisms of antibiotic resistance. Thus, dangerous bacterial infections leading to death despite substantial  antibiotic therapy become increasingly common nowadays. That is why nowadays scientists develop new interdisciplinary methods for discovery of novel antibiotics that may become indispensable in clinical practice and kill even the most resistant bacteria. Dr. Osterman gave a talk on the current methods for novel antibiotics discovery. The second part of the lecture was given by Ivan Smirnov from Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences who told about high throughput microfluidic technology for candidate antibiotics screening. Full video of the lecture is available here.