Course Portfolio

Advanced Major-Field Courses (two required)

  • Electrochemistry: Fundamentals to Applications, Prof. Keith Stevenson (MA06127)
  • Organic Materials for Electronics, Photonics, Energy Generation and Storage, Prof. Pavel Troshin (MA06119)
  • Materials Structure Characterization Methods, Prof. Artem Abakumov (MA06116)
  • Computational Chemistry and Materials Modeling, Prof. Andriy Zhugayevych (MA06008)

Basic Major-Field

  • Materials Chemistry, Prof. Keith Stevenson (MA06042)

Recommended optional

  • Structure and Properties of Materials, Prof. Artem Oganov (MA06075)
  • Carbon Nanomaterials, Prof. Albert Nasibulin (MA06044)
  • Mathematics and Machine Learning for Molecular Modelling. Prof. Alexander Shapeev (MA03301)
  • Advanced Aerosol Science and Technology Prof. Albert Nasibulin (MA06328)
  • Nanocomposites, Profs. Sergey Abaimov/Stepan Lomov (MA06329)

Research Methodology

  • Energy PhD Seminar (Selected Topics in Energy: Physical, Chemical and Geophysical Challenges), Prof. Alexei Buchachenko (PA06106)

CEST Research Seminars


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