Academic Mobility

PhD students should apply first to their Advisor for Academic Mobility funding support from the Faculty Research Funds/Faculty project (grant/contract).

If not applicable, the CREI budget support will be provided to the limited number of the CEST PhD students. Criteria and conditions are:

  1. Research presented must be within the CEST area of research.
  2. Participation in the top Scopus rated conferences with oral presentations and the conference paper/abstract already accepted is supported. Poster submissions are not normally considered, unless the conference is really a top one or there are some other important reasons clearly justified. Research visit can also be sponsored if well justified.
  3. The request should be agreed with the Scientific Advisor in a form of Advisor’s supporting letter with the assessment of the value/status of the conference, scientific visit and benefits from attendance.
  4. Any conference presentation must be preceded by a dry-run at the CEST seminar. Please contact Anna Sharova to arrange a seminar. In case of research visit, hold seminar after your research visit.
  5. A write-up must be submit after the trip to be uploaded to the CEST website “News” section. Please contact Svetlana Lipovskikh to post the news.
  6. Travel budget is up to 125 000 Rub, one trip/year, overbudget subject for approval by the CEST Director, based on the justification provided.

The request accompanied by Advisor’s supporting letter and containing all relevant information justifying the criteria above (links to the conference site, its Scopus ranking, conference paper/abstract acceptance, detailed plan of research visit, supporting letter from the host, cost breakdown, etc.) should be submitted to the CEST Director via email.