Insulator state sensors of a resistive type were installed on April 20, 2022

On April 20, 2022 insulator state sensors of a resistive type were installed on the anchor support U220-2 + 9 No. 4 of the double-circuit line 220 kV Novomoskovsk SDPP-Kashirskaya SDPP / Novomoskovsk SDPP-Khimicheskaya of MES Center PJSC. The sensors were manufactured under the R&D agreement between the Global Insulator Group and Skoltech and installed by Skoltech employees Sergey Krivutsenko and Klim Volkhov.

Installation point coordinates 54.093406, 38.240068.

Two sensors were installed on the previously operated insulating sets; one sensor was installed on a new set.

The sensors make it possible to obtain real-time oscillograms of leakage currents in line insulation, which is used for loss level and insulation condition assessment. The control post is equipped with a weather station that improves the quality of decision making.

2 Similar devices were installed in trial operation on the 110 kV overhead line of PJSC “MOESK” in the area of Zelenograd in April 2021.Objectives of trial operation: to identify the intensity of contaminants accumulation on the surface of insulators; to conduct a comparative analysis of the processes occurring in suspensions; to improve the mathematical model for assessing the insulation condition; to confirm the operability and applicability of the sensor installed on 220 kV overhead line.


Deep analysis of oscillograms is carried out in specially developed software, which implements not only the analysis of current data, but also statistical analysis using algorithms developed during the project. 3
4 The installed sensor is a prototype of the final version of the electromagnetic type device, the installation of which does not require disconnection of the overhead line.  Its technical characteristics surpass the capabilities of all analogues available in the world.As part of the trial operation, continuous work is being carried out with electric grid organizations on the procedure for applying the insulation diagnostics system. This will allow scaling the product immediately upon completion of R&D.