Dmitrii Kriukov and Alexandra Varets won the first place at HackGatchina

Dmitrii Kriukov and Alexandra Varets, as a part of team GEAR_PES, won the first place at hackathon HackGatchina in a category of business-oriented solutions.

Dmitrii Kriukov and Alexandra Varets, first-year master students at the Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST) at Skoltech, as members of team GEAR_PES took the first place at the major hackathon of northwest Russia – HackGatchina. They presented a smart meter for load recognition – a device based on IoT technologies and a machine learning algorithm. The project was nominated as a business solution.

Hackathon HackGatchina is a technological competition, which brings together IT specialists, designers, managers, and idea stimulators to address urban challenges. The main objective of HackGatchina is development of viable prototypes of technological services and applications for the improvement of the urban environment in the town of Gatchina.

#hackGatchina – Leader ID event, which took place in Точка Кипения in Saint Petersburg


GEAR_PES team: Dmitrii Kriukov, Alexandra Varets, Nikita Tkachev, Nikita Domanovsky, Stanislav Potapov.

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