Federico Ibanez visits Panamerican University and Mexican State University


Photo: Federico Ibanez.

Federico Ibanez, an Assistant Professor with the Center for Energy Systems, has recently visited the Panamerican University and the Mexican State University to give two courses in power systems and power electronics.

At the Panamerican University, Dr. Ibanez has taught classes on power systems in Renewable Energy track including theory, exercises, and lab activities. Based on the results of this course the most brilliant student has been selected to work on photovoltaic generation. Next year,  he will come to Skoltech to take part in the project that will be supervised by Dr. Ibanez and his Mexican colleagues.

At the Mexican State University, Dr. Ibanez has given an advanced course in power electronics, theory, and simulations aiming at demonstrating a powerful tool for simulating power electronic converters.

Besides giving the courses, Dr. Ibanez visited “Infotech,” a Mexican state research center that develops projects on data-science and cybersecurity. He discussed scientific collaborations with scientists working on cybersecurity for smart grids.

Building on the success of existing collaborations, Federico Ibanez intends to produce greater exchange regarding research and teaching with the Panamerican University and the Mexican State University as well as the research center “Infotech” in the years ahead.