2nd International Conference. Shaping research in integrated gas-, heat- and electric- energy infrastructures

On May 30-31, the Skoltech Center for Energy Systems held its 2nd International Conference “Shaping research in integrated gas-, heat- and electric- energy infrastructures”. The conference was organized jointly with the International Institute for Energy Systems Integration (iiesi.org) and attended by over 50 experts and scientists from Russia, USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, UK and Japan. The two-day event was devoted to exciting talks and discussions with different research subjects intentionally mixed to provide synergy for future collaborations and explorations. Scientific discussions that were focused on the problems of integration of combined cooling, heating and generating units, renewable energy sources, transmission and distribution issues, questions of definition of loads and instability of renewable energy sources were followed by a round table discussion with the industry representatives on technico-economical barriers they face in this area. The event agenda in Russian and in English.




1 J.Bialek

1.1 A.Bischi P.A.Ostergaard      R.Yokoyama-Y.Shinano

1.2 H.Madsen           U.Desideri               V.Verda

1.3 A.Alekseev-A.Lutsenko-N.Novitsky-V.Tokarev-Z.Shalaginova                M.Sukhare- K.Kosova-R.Popov S.Campanari

1.4 M.Chertkov                 R.Carter T.Koch

1.5 P.Taylor           W.Dhaeseleer-D.Patteuw-K.Bruninx-A.Arteconi-E.Delarue-L.Helsen


2.6 J.McCalley                     K.Turitsyn                    S.Senderov-N.Voropai

2.7 E.Barakhtenko-N.Voropai-V.Stennikov-O.Voitov                P.Mancarella

Industry           A.Ustinov            D.Smirnov           D.Sorokin          E.Pochettino           E.Sennova            H.Yamada

I.Gromovyi-D.Kurganov M.Pozzi           V.Shkatov

Check the Skoltech website for the overview of the 2nd international conference “Shaping research in integrated gas-, heat- and electric- energy infrastructures” held by the our Center on May 30-31,2016 in Russian.

 More information http://www.skoltech.ru/en/2016/06/skoltech-center-for-energy-systems-held-its-2nd-international-conference/