MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies


Program name Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Awarded Degree Master of Science in Information Systems and Technologies
Short description The program is established with a focus on development and implementation of new simulation-driven design and manufacturing paradigms for development of advanced materials, structures, and engineering systems with enhanced lifecycle, mechanical and physical characteristics demanded in high-tech industries. The program is created to prepare the next generation of researchers, engineers, and practitioners to assume a role of technical leadership in research and innovation of high-tech sector
Advantages Our graduates will have:
  • fundamental knowledge in mechanics, micromechanics, and physics of advanced manufacturing and materials
  • deep understanding of modern technological methods and tools, information technology-based manufacturing and product development practices
  • ability to apply information technology, mathematics, mechanics, physics, and material science in engineering practice and research in advanced manufacturing and materials
  • vision for the creation of new technologies, design and development of sustainable systems, and development of novel materials
  • ability to apply simulation-driven product development paradigm in engineering system design
  • ability to work with technical literature (e.g. conduct bibliographical research, read and critically analyze scientific articles, use scientific metrics and engineering documentation)
  • Industry. Landing specialist positions in high-tech sector including but not limited to: Advanced manufacturing and materials, Aerospace, Energy and Transportation, Research and Development, Consulting
  • Science. Landing PhD positions and continuing research at leading Russian and international universities and research entities
  • Startup. Starting a business on their own or through the Skolkovo innovation ecosystem with its extensive pool of experts, partners, consultants and investors
Entry requirements: Education:Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent in Physics, Mechanics, Material Science, Engineering, or Applied MathematicsKnowledge and skills:Successful candidates must have solid knowledge of Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering. High level of English proficiency is expected
Program Structure:  78


Compulsory Courses
Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Continuum Mechanics
Mechanics and Physics of Advanced Manufacturing
Introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Recommended Electives
Mathematical Modeling in Manufacturing and Applied Sciences
Mathematics for Engineers
Geometric Modeling
Advanced Manufacturing of Composite Materials
Materials Chemistry
Structural Analysis and Design
Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science
Materials Selection in Design
Additive Manufacturing
Thermal Fluid Sciences
Composite Materials and Structures
Numerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics
Industrial Robotics
Advanced PLM techniques: Digital Design and Optimization
Advanced PLM techniques: Product Prototyping
Advanced PLM techniques: Testing and Model Validation
Heterogeneous Volume Modeling and Digital Fabrication
Fracture Mechanics
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Innovation Workshop
Ideas to Impact
Leadership for Innovators
Business Communication
Thinking Disruptive for a Big Future
Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation
New Product Design: from Idea to Market Launch
Management of Research & Development
Technology Entrepreneurship


Program Director Iskander Akhatov Professor, Director of the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials
Faculty Members Sergey Abaimov Assistant Professor

Aslan Kasimov Associate Professor, Program Coordinator

Robert Nigmatulin Professor

Alexander Pasko  Professor

Igor Shishkovsky Associate Professor

Ighor Uzhinsky Professor

Academic Partners
  • Bashkir State University (Russia)
  • Florida State University (USA)
  • KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT (USA)
  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  • New Mexico State University (USA)
  • Purdue University (USA)
  • Taft University (USA)
  • Technical University of Munich (Germany)
  • University of Calgary (Canada)
  • University of Dayton (USA)
  • University of Gottingen (Germany)
  • University of Maryland (USA)
  • ApATech (Russia)
  • Ceramaker (France)
  • InssTek (South Korea)
  • INUMIT (Russia)
  • Motorica (Russia)
  • Oerlicon (Switzerland)
  • SIU System (Russia)
  • Trumpf (Germany)
  • United Aircraft Corporation (Russia)
Main Research Areas ·         Information technologies for simulation-based engineering science·         Advanced manufacturing and product design·         Advanced materials and technologies·         Mechanics and physics in advanced manufacturing
Contact Details and application: admissions@skoltech.ruAddress: 3 Nobel St., Moscow, Russia, 143026Phone: +7 (495) 280 14 81
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