Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
MA06296 Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. MSc, 6.
Computational Engineering
MA06239: (ESDT-239) Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering. MSc, 6.

MA06242: (ESDT-242) Numerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics. MSc,PhD, 6.

MA06xxx: (ESDT-xxx) Mathematical Modeling in Applied Science and Engineering. MSc, PhD, 6.

MA06297: Geometric Modeling. MSc, PhD, 6.

MA03282 Mathematics for Engineers. MSc, 3.

Mechanics and Materials Engineering
MA06181 Continuum Mechanics. MSc, PhD, 6.

MA06240 Mechanics and Physics of Advanced Manufacturing. MSc, PhD, 6.

MA06241 Composite Materials and Structures. MSc, PhD, 6.

Design and Manufacturing