PhD Positions in Machine Learning and Industrial Applications


We are currently inviting applications for PhD positions in Machine Learning and Industrial Applications, starting in November 2017.

The successful applicant is expected to be interested in Machine Learning (ML) and especially in Deep Learning (DL), and/or Statistics (Stat).

Successful candidates will be expected to complete their PhD thesis and to participate in ADASE group (Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering group), as well as to acquire the skills specific to ML/DL/Stat and available within Skoltech.

ADASE group is working on developing methods for construction of data-driven models and their application to:

  • complex systems behaviour prediction,
  • model-based control and recommendation of future actions,
  • design and performance optimization,
  • anomaly detection and failure prediction.


The main challenges are:

  • variable fidelity data sources,
  • data with complex shapes and structure, e.g.,
    • sample is generated on a manifold,
    • anisotropic sample distribution, including imbalanced distribution of labels,
    • 3D object description (e.g., CAD model),
    • multidimensional time-series data,
  • local accuracy prediction is required, etc.


Therefore, we develop procedures for:

  • surrogate model construction and surrogate optimization,
  • anomaly detection and rare event prediction (aka imbalanced classification),
  • adaptive design of experiments (aka active learning),
  • on-line learning for streaming data,
  • Bayesian deep learning,
  • and analyze their theoretical and applied performance.



  • Successful candidates are expected to have a Masters (or Specialist or an equivalent) degree in a relevant area.
  • Skills in Programing: Python, C++.
  • Basic knowledge of linear algebra, machine learning, deep learning.
  • The candidates should have at least an upper-intermediate level of the English language.


 Application Procedure

Prior to submitting an application, students are advised to contact Professor Evgeny Burnaev (

  • Please submit a PhD application including:
  • a motivation letter (statement of purpose),
  • a resume/CV, with the publications list (if any),
  • 2 letters of recommendation, and
  • proof of proficiency in English, i.e., TOEFL or IELTS (students may submit an application without this information, but all will be asked to provide it at a later date)

through Skoltech Admissions for Doctoral Programs, selecting “PhD” as the degree level, identifying Evgeny Burnaev as the prospective supervisor, and choosing “CDISE” from the list of centers.

All documents should be submitted in English (the exceptions are diplomas in Russian and publications in Russian).


Further information

Information about Skoltech:

Information about CDISE:

Queries regarding research interests: Prof. Evgeny Burnaev (

Queries regarding application process:


Skoltech is committed to diversity and opportunity, and application materials will be considered without regard to the gender, race, or nationality of the applicant.