Skoltech HPC cluster Pardus by IBM/Lenovo


  • General description
    Vendor: IBM/Lenovo
    Platform: Intelligent Cluster
  • The compute part
    Compute blades: 18 (nx360 M4) + 5 (nx360 M5) + 4 (sd350)
    Processor type A (nx360 M4): Intel Xeon Processor E5-2650 v2 (Ivy Bridge) 8C 2.6GHz
    Processor type B (nx360 M5): Intel Xeon Processor E5-2697 v4 (Broadwell) 18C 2.3GHz
    Processor type C (sd350)       : Intel Xeon Processor E5-2698 v4 (Broadwell) 20C 2.2GHz
    GPU type: NVIDIA Tesla K80
  • Computing processors CPU quantity: 36 (A) + 8 (B) + 8 (C)
    Computing processors GPU quantity: 2 (K80), i.e. 4 (K40)
    Computing cores CPU quantity: 288 (A) + 180 (B)+160 (C)
    Computing cores CUDA quantity: 9984
  • Peak performance CPU (Rpeak): 5,99 Tflops (A) + 6,624 TFlops (B) + 5,632 TFlops (C)
    Peak performance GPU (Rpeak): 5,82 Tflops
    Total CPU RAM: 1152 GB (4GB per Core type A) + 2560 GB (14GB per core type B) + 1024 GB (6.4GB per core type C)
    Total GPU RAM: 48 GB
  • The data storage system
    Parallel file system of data storage: GPFS
    Available disk space (Operational): 15 TB (DRAID5) as fast scratch + 43 TB (DRAID6) for user data (aka /home)
    Local scratch disk: 347 GB (nx 360 M4);  460 GB (nx 360 M5) + 16T (shared across 4x nx360 M5); 7.5TB (sd 350)
    Backup: No
  • Interconnect
    Data network: InfiniBand FDR14 (56 Gb/s)
    Service and management networks: 1GbE
  • OS
    Linux Red Hat 6.8 (Santiago)
  • Workload Manager
    Moab HPC Suite v9.0.2
  • The list of available queues
The list of software
Current Cluster Utilization Chart

If you have a technical questions regarding the cluster, please send your question(s)/request(s) to: