UMNIK projects

UMNIK awards –


Daria Vorontcova. ‘Development of antibiotic-independent screening gene deletions method using the inactivation of genes in thermophilic bacteria Thermus thermophilus’

Anna Shiriaeva. ‘ Development of rapid method for detection of events with the  genetic toxicology system “Alpha test”

Ksenia Ershova. ‘ Obtainment of aptamer that selectively binds ropivacaine’


Artem Mikelov. “Development of new methods and software for the diagnosis of allergic diseases, and assessing their development risk on the basis of analysis of individual repertoires of B-cell receptor using next-generation sequencing technologies”

Ekaterina Kozhaeva. “Development of complex bacteriophage-containing mouth rinses, aimed at users of bracket system for the prevention of caries and associated diseases”

Ivan Valiev. “Development and implementation of expression systems in Streptomyces.”