Khaitovich Laboratory Projects


PI – Philipp Khaitovich

Researchers – Ekaterina Khrameeva, Pavel Mazin, Waltraud Mair, Ning Fu

Ph.D. Students – Aleksandra Akhmadullina, Aleksei Mikhalchenko, Alexander Tyshkovskii, Anna Shmelkova, Dmitry Zubkov, Ilia Kurochkin, Vita Stepanova

Start date – April 2014

Philipp Khaitovich Research Projects.

Research Projects and Grants.

1. Ministry of Science and Education of Russia Grant – Regulation of Brain Aging: mapping and regulatory changes in human brain transcriptome and epigenome during aging.

2. Study of organisation of neuronal response mechanisms in primates, rodents and invertebrates brain.

3. Development of oilseeds expedited selection technology based on high-throughput methods for genotyping and molecular phenotyping to ensure food security of Russian Federation.

4. Big Neuro Data processing infrastructure to support new NeuroNet markets development (CoBrain-Analytics)

Why is it important?

CoBrain is a tool of the transfer of the clinical neuro data to the R&D field by request of Neuronet businesses. CoBrain is a unique all-Russia system capable to collect all types of data generated by modern medical systems and assure reliable data processing. Thus CoBrain supports communications between manufacturers of neuro products and scientists providing business with high standards solutions.

Goal of the project

Support Russian companies in overcoming technological barriers to enter the Neuronet market with competitive products and services


  1. Networking with providers of neuro data (hospitals and research laboratories) to have requested types and volume of high quality data.
  2. Data quality assurance and data storage.
  3. Data processing.
  4. Data sharing and special research proceeding.
  5. Commercialization of the scientific knowledge.

Work in progress

The project was approved by Working Group on July 27, 2016. Three specialists have been working on objectives of the Stage 1 since August 2016.

Stage 1 tasks (by the end of 2016):

1.Network with five data providers (medical and research institutions)

2.Technical capacity for data uploading and processing in Skoltech PC.

3.Algorithms of EEG and MR data processing development and testing.