Research Projects

Research Areas

  • Data intensive systems biotechnology 

Identification and development of novel microbes, microbial gene complexes, proteins and enzymes for agriculture, food industry, bioremediation and energy.

Identification of novel biologically active natural compounds, their mechanisms of action and targets , and their development for medicinal applications.

  • Data-intensive life sciences

Obtainining the most complete picture of molecular and structural features unique to the human brain using state-of-the-art “big-data” approaches. Development of a comprehensive structural and functional model of the human brain using novel computational algorithms. Identification of key structural and functional elements of the human brain underlying human intelligence and human behavioral and cognitive traits. Optimization of personalized educational strategies.

Skoltech core facilities

  • multipurpose molecular biology teaching laboratory. “Wet-lab” base for cutting-edge educational and research work by biomed students;
  • BioData computational platform. “Dry-lab” base of cutting-edge educational and research work by Biomed students;
  • mass-spectrometry-based “omics” platform. State-of-the-art high-throughput metabolome, lipidome and proteome data generation platform for the three research streams.


Current and ongoing research projects include:

Completed research projects:

Skoltech Translational and Research Innovation Program – STRIP

STRIP 1 (A Platform Approach to Develop New Antibiotic Leads Based on Microcins – K.Severinov). As a result of project implementation preclinical trials of three peptide antibiotics developed in the Severinov laboratory have been performed.

STRIP 2 (Development of Personal Genetic Screening System – K.Severinov). A customized microarray-based platform for detection of cardiologic diseases has been developed.

Ongoing research projects

1. Regulation of Brain Aging: mapping and regulatory changes in human brain transcriptome and epigenome during aging. P. Khaitovich.

2. Study of organisation of neuronal response mechanisms in primates, rodents and invertebrates brain. P. Khaitovich.

3. Development of oilseeds expedited selection technology based on high-throughput methods for genotyping and molecular phenotyping to ensure food security of Russian Federation. P. Khaitovich.

4. Big Neuro Data processing infrastructure to support new NeuroNet markets development (CoBrain-Analitycs). P. Khaitovich.

5.  Search and Development of New Genome Editing Tools for Biomedicine and Biotechnology. K. Severinov.  MIT-Skoltech grant. In this joint project with Feng Zhang lab novel CRISPR-Cas systems are being uncovered by bioinformatics means, validated experimentally, and assessed for genome editing applications

Research projects by faculty

Konstantin Severinov laboratory projects

Dmitri Papatsenko laboratory projects

Philipp Khaitovich laboratory projects

Georgii Bazykin laboratory projects

Dmitri Pervouchine laboratory projects

Mikhail Gelfand laboratory projects