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PhD student position

Center for Data Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology at Skoltech invites applications for PhD program in the area of systems biology/bioinformatics with emphasize on stem cell biology and cancer research.

The graduate student is assumed to receive his/her PhD from Skoltech by 2020. The Center provides exceptional support (stipend) and benefit packages.

Candidates who are interested in analysis of various types of genome-wide data, gene network reconstruction or quantitative modeling of biological systems are welcome to apply. Successful candidates will use computational tools to explore problems related to embryonic and adult stem cells, reproductive and regenerative medicine, treatment of cancer.

Interested parties need to submit (as a single *.pdf file) their:

1) CV (curriculum vitae)

2) Research statement (interests/intentions)



Dr. Dmitri Papatsenko

Assistant Professor

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Research positions

The Skoltech Center for Data Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology invites applications for immediate filling of at least four positions in the area of soil metagenomics, biochemical and structural analysis of new antibiotics, and studies of novel CRISPR-Cas systems. In addition, we look for a research engineer to help run the center teaching molecular biology laboratory.

The positions are available at the level of Ph.D. (postdoctoral) and at the level of Ph.D. student (graduate school). The Center provides highly competitive salaries and benefit packages.

Individuals who have ability to work independently and have working experience in any one of the following:

i) high throughput sequence data analysis

ii) molecular cloning

iii) protein expression and purification and/or protein chemistry

iv) antibiotics research

v) bacteriophage research

are welcome to apply. The engineer position also requires ability to troubleshoot and maintain equipment such as HPLC.

Successful candidates will join the team of professor Konstantin Severinov (

To be considered please submit

1) a CV (curriculum vitae)

2) a short description of past research/accomplishments

3) a letter explaining why you’d like to join our team