Эта конференция является сателлитной конференцией Международного конгресса математиков МКМ-2022, который состоится с 6 по 14 июля в Санкт-Петербурге.
Конгресс является одним из старейших и наиболее значимых мировых собраний математиков.

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Representation theory plays a very important role in modern mathematics due to a huge number of applications in various fields of mathematics and mathematical physics, such as integrable systems, quantum field theory, algebraic and convex geometry and topology. The main idea of the representation theory is to study various algebraic structures via their realization as symmetries of mathematical or physical objects. One can also use the opposite direction to derive algebraic, geometric and combinatorial properties of an object of interest via its symmetries.
The geometric representation theory studies deep geometric properties of varieties, sheaves and moduli spaces via the algebraic and combinatorial properties of algebraic groups, Lie algebras, quantum groups or quivers. A classical example is the Borel-Weil-Bott theorem giving a uniform description of representations of a simple Lie algebras via the line bundles on flag varieties.
We plan to bring together leading experts working in various fields of modern geometric representation theory and early career mathematicians and graduate students. The topics we plan to cover include geometry and topology of the Grassmannians and flag varieties, representation theory of Kac-Moody Lie algebras, quiver varieties, representations of quivers, quantum groups, modular representation theory, applications in mathematical physics and combinatorics

Место проведения:

  • Факультет математики НИУ Высшая школа экономики
  • Skoltech Center for Advanced Studies


  • 27 июня – 2 июля 2022г.

Организационный комитет:

  • Ivan Arzhantsev (HSE Univ., Moscow)
  • Evgeny Feigin (HSE Univ. / Skoltech, Moscow), contact person
  • Valentina Kiritchenko (HSE Univ., Moscow)
  • Markus Reineke (RUB, Bochum)
  • Leonid Rybnikov (HSE Univ., Moscow)
  • Vera Serganova (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
  • Evgeny Smirnov (HSE Univ., Moscow)

Scientific scope:

Representation theory, algebraic geometry, combinatorics, mathematical physics

Keynote speakers:
[ обновлено 30 сентября 2021г. ]

  • Tomoyuki Arakawa (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Henning Haahr Andersen (Odense, Denmark)
  • Pierre Baumann (Strasbourg, France)
  • Yuri Berest (Cornell, USA)
  • Roman Bezrukavnikov (Boston, USA)
  • Alexander Braverman (Toronto, Canada, Skoltech)
  • Dan Ciubotaru (Oxford, UK)
  • Ben Davison (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Ghislain Fourier (Aachen, Germany)
  • Ryo Fujita (Paris, France)
  • Iva Halacheva (Boston, USA)
  • David Hernandez (Paris, France)
  • Anthony Joseph (Rehovot, Israel)
  • Joel Kamnitzer (Toronto, Canada)
  • Alexander Kleshchev (Oregon, USA)
  • Allen Knutson (Cornell, USA)
  • Martina Lanini (Rome, Italy)
  • Ivan Loseu (Yale, USA)
  • Ivan Mirkovic (Amherst, USA)
  • Anne Moreau (Paris, France)
  • Hiraku Nakajima (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Emily Norton (Canterbury, UK)
  • Simon Riche (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
  • Alistair Savage (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Peng Shan (Beijing, China)
  • Wolfgang Soergel (Freiburg, Germany)
  • Michela Varagnolo (Paris, France)
  • Eric Vasserot (Paris, France)
  • Weiqiang Wang (Charlottesville, USA)

The event will be organized by the HSE University and by the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.
The talks will be given by the invited leading experts in various fields of Geometric representation theory.
In addition, 2-3 lecture series will be scheduled.
Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the largest and one the most actively developing cities in Russia. The city offers a very rich cultural life and is one of the leading scientific centers in Russia. The strongest Russian research groups working in Representation Theory are based in Moscow.
We plan to provide special financial support for young mathematicians.
There will be no registration fee. We will do our best to cover (at least partially) accommodation and travel expenses for speakers and for young participants

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