ONLINE Seminar

April 7, 2020 // ONLINE at 12.30 / Univ of Amsterdam
Pavlo Gavrylenko
Deautonomization of integrable systems, CFT, gauge theories, topological strings

In the first part of the talk I’m going to give some introduction into so-called isomonodromy-CFT correspondence discovered by Gamayun, Iorgov and Lisovyy. It relates solutions of some differential equations to conformal blocks, or, by AGT correspondence, to partition functions of 4d N=2 SUSY gauge theories. In the second part I will focus more on the q-difference equations and tell some details about construction of such equations, and also how to express their solutions in terms of q-deformed conformal blocks, or partition functions of 5d gauge theories, or partition functions of topological strings

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