Center Seminar on Mondays – arXiv Spring2020

Center for Advanced Studies Seminar on Mondays at 14.30 at Skoltech

March 30, 2020 // ONLINE
Igor Krichever
(Skoltech, HSE Univ., Columbia Univ.)
Algebraic integrability of 2D periodic elliptic sigma-models

The zero-curvature representation of the equation of motion for the two-dimensional $O(N)$ sigma-model was discovered by Pohlmeyer. His result was extended by Zakharov and Mikhailov to a wide class of models which includes the principle chiral field models. Note, that the models considered by these authors are sigma models with the Minkowski source. At the level of equations of motion and their zero-curvature representation one can pass from the hyperbolic to the elliptic case by the change of the light-cone variables $\xi_{\pm} = x{\pm} t$ in the hyperbolic case to the variables $z,\zb$ in the elliptic case. However, the solutions in the two cases are quite different, the compactness of the source $\Sigma$ playing the key role. In the talk algebraic integrability of two-dimensional elliptic sigma-models will be presented.
The talk is based on a work in progress with Nikita Nekrasov

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March 16, 2020
Michael Finkelberg
(Skoltech, Univ. HSE)
Geometric Satake correspondence and supergroups

This is a survey of recent works of Roman Travkin

March 2, 2020
Grigori Olshanski
(Skoltech, IITP, HSE Univ.)
Macdonald polynomials and discrete point processes

I will tell about application of Macdonald polynomials to constructing infinite systems of interacting particles on a lattice

February 17, 2020
Alexandra Skripchenko
(Skoltech, Univ.HSE)
Interval exchange transformations with flips in dynamics and topology

Interval exchange transformations appeared in connection with billiard flows and measured foliations on oriented surfaces in early 60s. Despite of the very simple definition, IETs immediately became a very important tool to study dynamics of measured foliations and even geometry of moduli spaces of algebraic curves, and their ergodic properties were widely studied.
Interval exchange transformations with flips naturally generalize the notion of IETs for non-orientable case. In my talk i will outline their known dynamical properties and discuss some open questions related to it. I also will discuss a very fresh result about connections between a certain class of IETs with flips and Novikov’s problem of asymptotic behavior of plane sections of 3-periodic surfaces.
The talk is partly based on work in progress with Ivan Dynnikov, Pascal Hubert and Paul Mercat

February 10, 2020
Sergei Lando
(Skoltech, Univ.HSE)
Problems related to the weight system associated to the Lie algebra sl(2)

A weight system is a function on chord diagrams satisfying Vassiliev’s 4-term relations. A construction due to D.Bar-Natan and M.Kontsevich allows one to associate a weight system to any semisimple Lie algebra. The simplest nontrivial such weight system is the one associated to the Lie algebra sl(2). It comes from a knot invariant well known under the name of colored Jones polynomial. This weight system takes values in the center of the universal enveloping algebra of sl(2), which is the algebra of polynomials in a single variable (the Casimir element). Already this weight system is extremely nontrivial, and the talk will be devoted mainly to unsolved problems about it. All necessary notions will be define

February 3, 2020
Senya Shlosman
(Skoltech, Aix Marseille Univ.)
The Ising crystal and the Airy diffusion

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