dedicated to the 70th birthday of Professor Igor Krichever
Skoltech / 2021

The ALGEO conference, in honor of Professor Igor Krichever, scheduled to start on Dec., 14, is postponed. We hope to be able to have it offline in a year, and to see all of you in Skoltech, in person.

The Conference is organized by the
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Organizing and Program Committee

  • Alexander Kuleshov
  • Victor Buchstaber
  • Grigory Kabatyansky
  • Andrei Marshakov
  • Andrei Okounkov
  • Senya Shlosman

The talks will be given by invited speakers

The list of confirmed speakers:
[ last update: Feb 1, 2020 ]

  • Enrico Arbarello
  • Alexei Borodin
  • Alexander Braverman
  • Ivan Cherednik
  • Pavel Etingof
  • Alexander Its
  • Nikita Nekrasov
  • Andrei Okounkov
  • Leon Takhtajan
  • Alexander Varchenko
  • Alexander Veselov
  • Paul Wiegmann

Contact email of the Organizing Committee: