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Yaroslav Menshenin

Yaroslav Menshenin

PhD candidate at Skoltech Space Center

Advisor: Edward Crawley
Thesis: Space Systems Architecture and Systems Design

Yaroslav Menshenin is a Visiting doctoral candidate in the System Architecture Lab at MIT and a PhD candidate at the Skoltech Space Center. His research interests focus on Space Systems Architecture and Systems Design of Complex products.

Before enrollment to the doctoral program Yaroslav served as the Senior Analyst of Skoltech Space Center and the member of Organizing Committee of MIT/Skoltech International Space Exploration Strategy Group. He also served as a Teaching Assistant of the Space Sector Course, developed at MIT and held at Skoltech.

Yaroslav is a founder of the  “Technological entrepreneurship in Space sector” Initiative.

He received his MS degree from the Department of Theoretical Physics of the National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” (Moscow, Russia). He also graduated from Singularity University, located on the territory of NASA Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley, USA).

He is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

Alessandro Golkar Associate Professor
Clement Fortin Professor of the Practice, Associate Provost, Dean of Faculty and Postdoctoral Affairs
Dzmitry Tsetserukou Assistant Professor
Edward Crawley Professor
Evgeny Nikolaev Professor
Rupert Gerzer Professor, Provost
Tatiana Podladchikova
Tatiana Podladchikova Assistant Professor
Armen Poghosyan Research Scientist
Gleb Vladimirov
Gleb Vladimirov Research Scientist
Oleg Kharybin Junior Research Scientist
Yury Kostyukevich
Yury Kostyukevich Research Scientist
Alexander Platonov Laboratory manager
Dominik Knoll PhD candidate in Software- and Systems Engineering
Hripsime Matevosyan PhD candidate in Systems Architecture and Space Systems Engineering
Ignasi Lluch i Cruz Junior Researcher – PhD candidate in Space Systems Engineering
Mikhail Dobynde PhD student
Yaroslav Menshenin
Yaroslav Menshenin PhD candidate at Skoltech Space Center
Anastasia Uryasheva PhD student
Artem Pavlov PhD student
Dmitry Suvorov PhD student
Mikhail Matrosov PhD student
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Aleksandr Petrovski MSc student (entry year - 2015)
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Alexey Postnikov MSc student (entry year - 2015)
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Dmitry Ermachenkov MSc student (entry year - 2016)
Dmitry Shadrin MSc student (entry year - 2015)
Eugenii Israelit MSc student (entry year - 2015)
Evgeniya Yurieva MSc student (entry year - 2015)
Evgeniy Ulyanov MSc student (entry year - 2016)
Ignacio Hernandez Arroyo MSc student (entry year - 2016)
Ihor Sorokin MSc student (entry year - 2016)
Ilya Yuskevich MSc student (entry year - 2016)
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Marko Simic MSc student (entry year - 2014)
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Sergey Golovanov MSc student (entry year - 2015)
Shreya Santra MSc student (entry year - 2016)
Sophia Karolina Salas Cordero MSc student (entry year - 2016)
Vladimir Karandaev MSc student (entry year - 2016)