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The mission of the Space Center for Research, Education and Innovation (Space CREI) at Skoltech will be to conduct research, education and innovation activities to exploit near Earth and cis-lunar space for the benefit society and for the preparation for humans to leave low Earth orbit.

The CREI will support hands on education of Skoltech students through their work in the design, implementation and testing of sensors and onboard components that will be integrated on the ISS and on space craft developed by others. This approach will ensure that there will be a high flight rate of student build components.

The CREI will support innovation by actively involving companies in the definition of plans, the development of programs, and the transfer of knowledge and know how. The strategy is intended to be complementary to the existing industrial capabilities of Russia. The technical and educational approaches places emphasis on aspects of space flight that can be easily commercialized, including earth viewing sensors and spacecraft sub systems, as well as on the exploitation of space based data.