The rapid acceleration of genomic and proteomic technologies has provided new insight on the molecular basis of disease. However, validation of therapeutic targets from this enormous collection of information has been limited by the slow pace of existing in vivo biological tools.

The discovery of RNA interference has revolutionized molecular biology. It has also become clear that the combination of modern drug delivery systems and RNA interference will similarly revolutionize drug therapy and the study of biology.siRNA

The mission of the Skolkovo Center for Functional Genomics is to develop a robust collaborative effort focused on the development and application of RNA technology for medicine and biology, with specific emphasis towards medical conditions of importance to Russia.

Our CREI combines expertise in Drug Delivery, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine between experts at in the US and Russia.

This multidisciplinary effort seeks to advance of science, generate new therapeutics, strengthen Russian institutions, and educate the next generation of Russian scientists.

Visions and Goals