Skoltech provides graduate level degrees (MSc and PhD) in science and technology that are based on a unique model of entrepreneurial-science education – please check details at the main education page.

Programs and Courses

Critical to the success of our Center is the development of a novel hands-on academic curriculum in modern science-based engineering. The curriculum includes interfaces to cross-cutting computational, hardware and hybrid capabilities at Skoltech in teaching, research and entrepreneurship and will train the next generation of researchers and practitioners in the field of energy systems. The curriculum and the courses offered have been developed, and are being delivered, in close collaboration with MIT and Newcastle University.

Currently offered energy systems courses:

Introduction to Power Systems
Energy Systems (Physics) & Technology
Smart Grids
Stochastic Modeling and Computations
Think Through Math
Graphical Models of Statistical Inference
Mathematical Analysis of Internet and Power Systems
Power Markets and Regulation
Electric Machines
Global Energy, Decisions, Markets and Policy


Prospective MSc and PhD students are requested to apply via the main Skoltech admissions page.