List of PhD students, Year 2016/2017

# Last Name First Name Academic Supervisor Graduation year Graduation diploma University Graduation diploma Subject of thesis Graduation diploma Supervisor Entry Year
1 Antonenko Daniil Skvortsov Mikhail 2016 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Suppression of Superconductivity in Disordered Films: Role of Ballistic Contribution Skvortsov Mikhail 2016
2 Baranikov Anton Lagoudakis Pavlos 2015 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Fiber and laser optics Dr. Kurkov A.S. 2015
3 Bhartiya Vivek Kumar Fine Boris 2013 School of Physics, Central University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India Solid State Physics specialization, Theis title: Theoretical inverstigation of ferromagnetic domains and their observation Prof. S. N. Kaul, School of Physics, University of Hyderabad 2015
4 Ermatov Timur Lagoudakis Pavlos 2016 University of Jena Micro structured fibers prof. Dr. Markus Schmidt 2016
5 Gilshteyn Evgeniya Nasibulin Albert 2014 Saint-Petersburg Academic Unversity – Scientific & Research Centre for Nanotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Science  Electro-physical properties of single (Ga, Mn) As nanowires  prof. Buravlev A.D. 2014
6 Iakovlev Vsevolod Nasibulin Albert 2014 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Sohatsky V.P. 2016
7 Kalinin Kirill Berloff Natalia 2015 Skoltech, MIPT Polarisation Reversal in Spin-Dependent PolaritonCondensates Berloff Natalia 2015
8 Poboiko Ihor Skvortsov Mikhail 2016 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Thermal transport in one-dimensional spin chain with disorder Feigelman Mikhail 2016
9 Mulbagal Pramod Nasibulin Albert 2009 University of Mysore Pressure Monitoring with Fluid Control System for DES Process of PCB using microcontroller Prof. S.N Naveen Kumar 2016
10 Romanov Stepan Nasibulin Albert 2016  Skoltech (MS), MIPT (MS)  Single-walled carbon nanotubes as a source of ultrasound, New model “Atom in compound” and special chemical properties of superheavy elements  Nasibulin Albert Zaitsevskii Andrei 2016
11 Semelin Aleksei Lagoudakis Pavlos  2015 Moscow Intitute of Physics and Technology Gas-dynamic and thermal design studies regenerative air cooler of developed large hypersonic wind tunnel 2015
12 Semenenko Vyacheslav Perebeinos Vasili 2008; 2015 MIPT; PhD defended at Kotelnikov Institute of Radio engineering and Electronics RAS Mathematical Modeling of Formation of the Accelerated Ultra-Short Electronic Bunches Under Resonant Excitation of Thin-Film Structures by Femto-Second Laser Pulses                                           PhD thesis: Modelling of Nanoelectromechanical Detectors of Terahertz Radiation MS thesis advisor Gladun Anatoliy Deomidovich; PhD thesis advisor Leiman Vladimir Georgievich 2015
13 Stepanov Nikolay Skvortsov Mikhail 2016 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Fluctuation superconducductivity at an arbitary mean free path Prof. S. N. Kaul, School of Physics, University of Hyderabad 2016
14 Tarkhov Andrey Fine Boris 2016 Lomonosov MSU Laser-controlled cooperative nucleation and growth of ordered nanoparticle ensembles Emel’yanov Vladimir Ilyich 2016
15 Yagafarov Timur Lagoudakis Pavlos 2015 MIPT PLD technique for photoemissive coatings cretion and study of their properties Garnov Sergey Vladimirovich 2015