The faculty of CDIBB developed the Skoltech Masters program in Biotechnology and Ph.D. program in Life Sciences.  Most of the current Skoltech Master and Ph.D. students in the general area of the life sciences are affiliated with the center and work under the supervision of Center faculty. Our students publish numerous papers in top scientific journals, and many work on individual applied R&D projects supported by UMNIK program  grants.

Skoltech Masters program in Biotechnology  – Program’s Competitiveness and Advantages

  • Cutting Edge Research in Data-Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnologies;
  • Recognized Faculty with international experience collaborating with peers across the globe;
  • Special emphasis on bioinformatics and mathematical biology methods and approaches;
  • Provides unique educational environment in the Biomedicine and Biotechnology area;
  • Includes a variety of disciplines covering major topics in modern medical biotechnologies, with lab practice integrated into the individual educational track;
  • Diverse and strong collaborations with international and Russian Partners incl. MIT, Harvard Medical School, Pasteur Institute and others;
  • Publications in top journals.

The complete course catalogue for AY 2016/2017 is published here.

The center has established and operates a molecular biology teaching laboratory and bioinformatics laboratory where students receive training and implement individual projects.

Center faculty have teamed with Rusnano for developing and delivering short-term practical courses on data-intensive approaches in life sciences – OMICS data analysis in medicine, OMICS technologies in clinical oncology. These courses are attended by Skoltech students and academic and industrial researchers and medical practitioners from Russia and beyond.

With our partner, Philip Morris, the center operates a highly competitive postdoctoral fellowship program in data-intensive life sciences, supporting top young researchers in Russia.

Most students spend significant amount of time doing research in academic partner labs in Russia and abroad. Dual degree Ph.D. programs with Pasteur Institute in France have been established with support through the Vernadsky fellowship program of the French Embassy. The center is currently in the process of establishing double-degree Masters programs with the Novosibirsk State University and Far Eastern Federal University.

Center faculty and students organize research training for students from universities in Russia and abroad (from Bristol and DVFU), supervise individual research projects by students or pupils enrolled at the Skolkovo Gymnasium, and participate in other outreach activities such as Science Festivals, Open Innovation forums etc.