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April 3 – 7, 2017 / Nikolay Gromov / King’s College London, Dep. of Mathematics / [ Website ] /

Nikolay Gromov joined King’s College as a Lecturer in Theoretical Physics in 2010, and was promoted to Reader in 2014.
Nikolay’s research interests include different approaches in non-perturbative Yang-Mills theory. The first approach is devoted to confinement/deconfinement phase transition and is based on classical configurations, generalizing the instantons. Another approach is based on the remarkable duality between the N = 4 super-symmetric generalization of 4D Yang-Mills theory and 10D string theory in the AdS5 x S5 background. Integrability allows one to write down the equations describing exactly the spectrum of these theories and easily reproduce very complicated perturbation theory calculations.

Seminar :
“Integrability in AdS/CFT without supersymmetry”

March 2017 / Vadim Schechtman / Toulouse Mathematics Inst. / [ Website ] /

Vadim Schechtman is a professor of mathematics at University Paul-Sabatier (University of Toulouse III)

Seminars :
“Thom-Sebastiani theorem and E8“,
“On q-deformations of the Toda system”

September 2016 / Hiraku Nakajima / Research Inst. for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto Univ. / [ Website ] /

Hiraku Nakajima is a professor at Kyoto University. Current area of mathematical interest and research: Representation Theory, Geometry

Seminar :
“Cherkis bow varieties”