Joint Seminar on Wednesdays

Joint seminar on Mathematical Physics
of National Research University HSE and Skoltech Center for Advanced Studies
on Wednesdays at 17.30 at aud. 110 of the Mathematics Department of NRU HSE (6 Usacheva)

March 21, 2018
Alexander Polishchuk
(Univ of Oregon, HSE, KIAS)
Associative Yang-Baxter equation and 1-CY categories

April 11, 2018
Maxim Nazarov
(Univ of York, UK)
Generalized Harish-Chandra isomorphism

For any complex reductive Lie algebra g and any locally finite g-module V, we extend to the tensor product of U(g) by V the Harish-Chandra description of g-invariants in the universal enveloping algebra U(g). This is a joint work with Khoroshkin and Vinberg, originating from the works of Tolstoy and Zhelobenko on extremal projectors and extremal cocycles. It has been already used by Alekseev with Moreau and by Joseph in their proofs of the Clifford algebra conjecture of Kostant