Conference “Contemporary Mathematics” / December / 18-23 / 2017 / Moscow

  • National Research Univ. Higher School of Economics
  • Moscow Mathematical Society
  • Skolkovo Inst. of Science and Technology
  • Steklov Mathematical Inst.
  • Kharkevich Inst. of Information Transmission Problems
  • Independent Univ. of Moscow

organize the Conference “Contemporary mathematics”
in honor of the 80th birthday of Vladimir Arnold (1937-2010).

The Conference will cover such subjects as

  • Singularity theory
  • Topology
  • Differential equations and Dynamical systems
  • Mathematical physics
  • Representation theory
  • Algebraic geometry

which fall into the domain of interest of Vladimir Arnold.
There will be around 20 plenary speakers and around 40 sectional speakers.
Financial support for invited speakers and young participants is expected.

Scientific Committee

  • A. Khovanskii (U of Toronto, Chair)
  • N. A’Campo (U of Basel)
  • W. Ebeling (Leibniz U Hannover)
  • D. Eisenbud (Math Science Research Inst)
  • A. Givental (U of California, Berkeley)
  • S. Gusein-Zade (Moscow U)
  • I. Krichever (Skoltech, Columbia U, HSE)
  • I. Luengo (Complutense U of Madrid)
  • A. Varchenko (U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • V. Vassiliev (Steklov Inst, HSE)

Organizing Committee

  • S. Lando (HSE, Skoltech, Chair)
  • A. Davydov (Vladimir State U)
  • E. Feigin (HSE, Skoltech)
  • S. Tabachnikov (Pennsylvania State U)
  • V. Timorin (HSE)
  • V. Vassiliev (Steklov Inst RAS, HSE)

Invited Speakers

  • G. Binyamini (Weizmann Inst of Science)
  • V. Buchstaber (Steklov Inst)
  • A. Chenciner (U Paris VII)
  • Yu. Ilyashenko (HSE)
  • V. Kaloshin (U of Maryland, ETH Zurich)
  • M. Kazarian (Steklov Inst, HSE, Skoltech)
  • B. Khesin (U of Toronto)
  • V. Kozlov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • A. Neishtadt (Loughborough U)
  • D. Novikov (Weizmann Inst of Science)
  • S. Novikov (Steklov Inst), TBC
  • A. Oblomkov (U of Massachusetts)
  • A. Okounkov (Columbia U, Inst for Information Transmission Problems, HSE)
  • L. Polterovich (Tel Aviv U)
  • K. Saito (Kavli IPMU, U of Tokyo)
  • S. Tolman (U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • F. Sottile (Texas A&M U)
  • A. Vershik (Steklov Inst, St. Petersburg Dep)
  • A. Zorich (Inst Math de Jussieu, Skoltech)

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